Lessons for my Younger Self: Difference Does Not Mean Wrong

Every time I’ve met someone and they’ve worked differently to me, or perhaps someone else has a different way of viewing the world, or they’ve had different breaking points to me and what would tip me over the edge simply has no effect on them…

I’ve always assumed that I’m wrong. Sometimes, it’s been because I admire a certain characteristic about them or, quite simply, I was intimidated by them.

However, I’ve come to learn something this week – just because I do something differently doesn’t mean that I am wrong. This has probably come with age, as well as growing confidence in my own abilities, and security within myself. Nevertheless, I wanted to pass on the reminder to you…

Just because you do something differently does not necessarily mean that you are doing it wrong.

There’s always opportunities to learn and grow when we meet others. If you admire something in someone, this doesn’t mean you need to be ashamed of yourself. Learn to celebrate your difference, and honour the difference in others. It’s what makes the world a wonderfully diverse place.

The wildflowers wouldn’t be as beautiful if they were all the same.
The flowers don’t wither when they are growing next to another that is different – they bloom in all their glory and, together, they make the fields magical.

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