Episode 15: Exposing Female Beauty Standards – Assumptions, Stereotypes, & Experiences [Part 2 of 2]

In this episode, we build on the foundations of last week’s conversation. How do these beauty standards operate today? How do they effect the relationship that we have with ourselves? How do they effect the relationship that we have with each other? We also take a good look at the assumed messages the fat body sends because, if anything, a woman must be slim before she in considered beautiful. To summarise, we talk about the other ways that we can illuminate our world with different beauties, how we can support our sisters, and also how we can move forward to start creating a new way of being.

Knowledge is power. From having researched these episodes, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the relationship I have with my own body. My hope for you is that, armed with this knowledge, you walk away from this episode with a bit more freedom than you had yesterday. If this means that you move through the world with your head held higher, more confidence, more unity with yourself and others…then that’s a great start.

…Because, honestly, it’s time to put down what isn’t yours to carry. And if you put it down, you’ll invite others to do the same.

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Episode 23: How To Love Yourself (Especially The Bits You Don't Like) She Uncensored

We all have those aspects of our personality that we don't like and the bits of ourselves that not many people see. How do we accept those? And what happens when we do? Following a challenging two weeks, I'm here with some thoughts about loving all aspects of ourselves – especially the bits we don't like. Any thoughts or questions? Email me – sheuncensored@gmail.com. I can't wait to hear from you.
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