When Normal Isn’t Normal.

I wrote this in an Instagram post but I felt it was too important to not share here.

I used to walk past these and not even blink.
Today, I stopped and felt the outrage building. As I sit here now, I just feel deep, deep sadness.

Even though its been normalised, THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

It is a heinous crime to infiltrate someone’s consciousness and cause them to doubt themselves. In some cases, it’s called gaslighting.

This is what diet culture and beauty standards do. They tell us we are flawed, then make use feel as thought it is our fault, and we must fix it.

You are not a problem to be solved.
You are not ugly.
You are not wrong…
It is the framework you exist in that is wrong.

I see you, beautiful. I see you carrying the burden that is heavier than any number on the scale could tell you. I feel it, too. The discomfort in my own skin, and feeling like a stranger in my own body.

But, you see, there is more to you than this. So much more. In a world that tells you that you’re too much, or not enough, it’s hard to listen to your own thoughts and hear your own voice.

By the way, this is no shade to any woman who has used one of these. I love you. I grew up with you. I exist with you now. It is a tough old world, isn’t it? We fight our battles in many, many different ways. Remember that the world will (try to) teach us to hate ourselves before it will ever tell us that we are enough, just as we are.

And you are stronger than that, aren’t you?
WE are stronger than that.

So, before you do anything else, ask yourself one question: How much of what you carry is genuinely yours to carry, and how much of it has been inherited from the world simply because you fall into a consumer category that benefits everyone else but you?

Sending love this Sunday.

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