Episode 14: Exposing Female Beauty Standards – Capitalism & Power [Part 1 of 2]

I realise that all I ever post now is links to my podcast but that’s where most of my effort is concentrated for the time being. Thank you for every listen, every click, and every curiosity. It’s much appreciated and I am so thankful that you’d give up your time to simply listen to me speak what’s on my mind. Through listening to me, you’ve created a space for me to expand and explore ideas which I previously only had limited outlets to do.

This week’s episode is very special to me as it was months in the making, and it became a self-driven labour of love. I have a soft spot for research; connecting dots and making links between knowledge gives me a little buzz, particularly in the arena of Sociology. So, doing this was a pleasure and a chore, and I enjoyed every minute (even in the moments where it pissed me off. You’ll understand when you listen…)

If you did enjoy this episode or, fuck, even if you didn’t – please get in touch. Let me know. If you’re enjoying the podcast, please consider taking some time to leave a review – every little helps and it’ll help me to improve things going forward.

We all know that women’s bodies are subject to scrutiny and the criticism women receive for not keeping up with normalised, narrow standards of attractiveness are tangible. From magazine covers to social media, from online forums to newspapers…the female body is heavily judged, debated, and critiqued.

In this episode, we’re looking at the historical roots of female beauty standards, and how they operate. We talk about capitalism and power relations; this is vital in laying the foundation for understanding where these impossible, ever-changing standards developed and how they operate on females today. Ultimately, it helps us in understanding the dangerous messages they send to all of us who threaten to fall outside of this beauty remit.

It’s a heavy one. Grab a brew, and get ready. You know what they say – the truth will set you free but first it’ll piss you off.

Of course, these episodes would be nothing without the informative books mentioned throughout. The list of those most relied on (including next week’s episode):

Julia SeranoWhipping Girl
Emma DabiriDon’t Touch My Hair
Michel Foucault – various (…but I’d recommend The Foucault Reader by Paul Rabinow)
John BergerWays of Seeing
Sabrina Strings Fearing the Black Body
Erving GoffmanThe Presentation of the Self in Everyday Life
Cresida Hayes“I See Her Being Obesed!” (research paper)
Karen Throsby“How Could You Let Yourself Get Like That?” (research paper)
Florence GivenWomen Don’t Owe You Pretty

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Episode 19: I Quit Social Media & This Is What Happened. She Uncensored

At the beginning of December, or thereabouts, I decided to quit social media for a while. I'm not a huge social media user anyway and I've never felt comfortable putting my personal life online for just anyone to see. Personally, it doesn't feel right for me to allow strangers insight into my life and to have a bigger audience than the people directly around me. Quitting social media basically meant deactivating my Instagram account as that was my main vice. (I said farewell to Facebook a few years ago, Twitter was something I never really understood the hype, Snapchat was a no, and TikTok I'll leave to Gen Z.) I just thought it would be a nice break from constantly picking up my phone and mindlessly scrolling for fifteen – twenty minutes. What I didn't expect was all the other benefits that came with it…Quite honestly, I'm shocked at how I feel now. So, in this week's episode, I discuss what I've discovered in the last few weeks, the changes I feel, and what my thoughts about social media are. This is all my opinion, by the way – you can disagree and you can argue. Right now, I'm more than happy to continue with this social media free way of life. What do you think of social media? Think I'm talking crap? Or maybe you've given up social media in 2021? Perhaps you're someone who can't live without it, or you've never had any social media accounts? Whatever your thoughts, let me know. Email me at sheuncensored@gmail.com or head to http://www.sheuncensored.com
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