Episode 13: Gut Feelings, Leaning Into Discomfort, & Breaking Your Comfort Zone

In this episode, I take a walk over some old ground. This stuff has come up for me again – about chasing my desires, and breaking out of my comfort zone – and I thought that if I needed a reminder, maybe someone else out there does, too. 

I talk about comfort zones, identifying what my “gut feeling” sounds like, and prioritising the things that make me feel whole.

Let’s not make our homes in the comfort zone – let’s keep pushing the boundaries of ourself and see where life leads.

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Episode 16: You Need to Take a Break – Making Space for Rest in the Hustle Culture She Uncensored

This episode is about reconnecting with yourself by not depriving yourself of what you need. Our default mode as humans is to deny ourselves of that which we need, or to view ours needs as luxuries with which we occasionally treat ourselves with after we feel we have 'earned' it. The reality is, our needs are relevant and we deserve so much of what we deny ourselves in order to live a fulfilling life. We also talk about remembering that we are part of a wider, natural system which works through rhythms and cycles which allow us to move through life much easier. Our constant state of go, go, go is stopping us from accessing the flow, flow, flow of life. In order to reconnect, we need to disconnect and build rest into our lives so that we can keep moving forward happy and healthy.
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  4. Episode 13: Gut Feelings, Leaning Into Discomfort, & Breaking Your Comfort Zone
  5. Episode 12: We all know about toxic positivity, but what about toxic gratitude?

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