Episode 12: We all know about toxic positivity, but what about toxic gratitude?

In this week’s episode, I explore some of my feelings toward the idea of gratitude and how I feel it can be used detrimentally toward ourselves.

Gratitude journalling, and using gratitude as a means of becoming more aware of what you have rather than what you lack, can be a wonderful tool for transforming one’s mindset. However, in the wrong context, can it become a toxic trait that serves to undermine our own feelings and desires? Let’s catch up and talk about it…

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Episode 22: My Journey with Minimalism & Other Thoughts She Uncensored

Let's catch up. This episode is a summary of what I've been up to lately, my thoughts on minimalism, and my new Etsy store. This one is entirely unstructured – just a cup of tea, some snacks, and a rambling of my thoughts over the past few weeks. Also, sorry this is late.  Check out my Etsy store here: https://etsy.me/37ANQY6 What are your thoughts on minimalism? Have you ever considered it, or are you a minimalist? Maybe you're not a believer in it at all and love living with more… Let me know! sheuncensored@gmail.com Love love love xx
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