Episode 11: FOMO, the art of not comparing your life to everyone else’s, & other things I learnt in my 20s…

I’m back!

Launching this new series of the SheUncensored Podcast, I wanted to begin with this episode as I’ve finally hit the inevitable 3-0. But, before I get stuck into a new decade, I wanted to take some time to reflect on what I learnt throughout my Twenties. There was a lot to think about but had I been told some of these things ten years ago, I may not have been so hard on myself…

Well, maybe.

Anyway, I’m here to pass on the things that have helped me over the past ten years in hopes that they may be able to help you, too. We discuss on the idea of your twenties being the golden decade where you get everything done, living life a little more slowly, and how it’s absolutely, positively, ultimately acceptable if you do not have your shit together…Me, neither.

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Episode 23: How To Love Yourself (Especially The Bits You Don't Like) She Uncensored

We all have those aspects of our personality that we don't like and the bits of ourselves that not many people see. How do we accept those? And what happens when we do? Following a challenging two weeks, I'm here with some thoughts about loving all aspects of ourselves – especially the bits we don't like. Any thoughts or questions? Email me – sheuncensored@gmail.com. I can't wait to hear from you.
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