You are an Ocean.

Your soul is deep, vast, and unending.

There is so much we do not know about you.

We look on in awe of your beauty, your mystery, your great unexplored depths, and your vastness.

Not everybody will understand this about you.

Some will look on at you from a distance and be content with thinking they have seen it all.

Some will dare to onto the beach but flee when you playfully lap at their feet.

Some might paddle around your edges, or swim to their waist whilst their feet never leave the ground.

Then others will get in the boat, explore your surface, and then deep dive into the person that you are seeking to satisfy what they could never figure out from the distance, from the beach, from the shores.

The latter takes time, energy, and effort. It takes skill, a respect, and an acceptance of your wild ways.

Not everybody will get you. And not everybody deserves to.

Delight in your mystery.

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