I was in the supermarket the other day when the customer in front of me tried to pay with cash.

“I’m sorry,” said the cashier. “I can only accept cards at the moment because of Coronavirus.”

And, just like that, their money was obsolete. For the first time in my life, someone refused cash and deemed it worthless.

You see, something only has value if you give it value. Whatever you deem worthy is what becomes worthy. Whatever you deem unworthy no longer gets your attention, energy, or your time.

So much of life is lived on autopilot and we allow those external to us, the systems of power we are enmeshed in, to tell us what is important to us. We have someone shout “Look this way! This is important!” and we look and say “Yes, I guess it is important.”

But is it?

Open your eyes. Consciously show up. Look around you. What do you deem valuable?
Take back the reigns. You start determining for yourself what is worthy of your time, attention, focus, energy, and devotion. Start living life on your terms.

Sometimes, there will be a synchronicity with what society/family/friends/everyone else says is important. We will look and say “I saw. I agree. That is important.” Other times, we will say “I saw and I don’t agree. That is not important for me. Thank you for suggesting it anyway.” The latter will disrupt the status quo, might upset some people, or might confuse others…

Let the status quo be disrupted.
Let them be upset.
Let them be confused.

Start seeing for yourself. Look through the lens of your own eyes.

You are in charge of what you see as valuable.

One thought on “Valuable

  1. Interesting post, Laura!
    Though, I fear, a cashless economy gives greater power over citizens.
    There is always the potential threat that a card be cancelled, leaving one unable to buy anything, even food.


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