The Perfect Version

We have this unconscious idea that there is a perfect version of us we must strive toward.

They are the invisible ones who do everything without fault, with perfect grace, and with complete devotion.

It is good to strive to become better but what would happen if you stopped believing the bullshit and chose to know this:

There is no perfect version of you that exists in some far off future.

There is just you, here, today, trying your best.

You, doing the work to overcome the trauma.
You, going inwards to do the healing.
You, loving others in the way that you can.
You, wanting to love yourself entirely.

And slowly, day by day, you transform. Not into perfection but into something better…

The truest and most beautifully authentic version of you.

Are you not enough, my darling?

I think you are.

I think that you are more than enough.

I think that you deserve to be fully present with yourself because you are one of the greatest people you’ve ever met.

And if, day by day, you are doing the work to draw nearer to yourself then that means the truest and most beautifully authentic version of you is sat here, right now, reading these words.

What if you stopped chasing the illusive perfect future you and just let yourself simply…be?

Invite compassion.
Practice acceptance.
Be here now.

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