I grew up near a river. In summer, my friend and I would walk by the side of the river as far as we could go until we found a small shore. Then, wearing our hardiest shoes, we would step in and walk upstream.

It was cold, it was deep, and it was downright dangerous if I’m honest. There were plenty of rocks to be wary of, and the depths would change with each step; sometimes it was ankle deep, and the next moment you were wading up to your thighs. Sometimes the water was calm, clear, and serene. Other times, the water rushed and churned.

Rivers are wonderful. Think of how they begin with such a small trickle at the top of the mountain and slowly, carefully, meander their way through the country. Carving paths. Gaining momentum. Expanding. Claiming the land and the path they have carved as their own.

You are the river, my darling.

You carve paths where there are none to be found. You take the sharpest stone and erode it into a smooth surface. You reflect the sun and shimmer on a calm day, whilst you rage and explode on others. You are the paradox. You keep moving, never ceasing, never stagnating. You are unpredictable, wild, and no one could have foreseen how much you would grow from the small trickle they misunderstood you as.

When opportunities in life come your way – bend them to your will. Seek the chances to become stronger, to understand yourself, to carve the path where there was none before, to rage over the sharpest of rocks and have them become smooth underneath your mighty ways. When the rains pour on you, swell and erode the banks that contain you in order to make more space for yourself the next time the storms come.

Yes, you are the river. Consistent. Steadfast. Deceptively strong. Undeniable beautiful. But, ever onwards…

Always onwards.

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