The Electricity Within You

I want you to think of your last act of bravery.

The thing that you spent days, weeks, months preparing for.
The thing that you were most afraid of doing – but you did it anyway.

Remember how it felt?

The fear. The trembling. The butterflies in the stomach. The sweat on the palms. The sound of your own heart beating tremendously in your ears.

The euphoria. The release. The overwhelming feeling of having done it. The walks on cloud nine. The spring in your step. The sense of pride in yourself.

No matter how small the act, no matter how insignificant by comparison.

It was your courage.

Yes, remember…

Now, harness that same energy and pour it all over your life. Let it trickle down into every corner, every cavern, every secret place within and without you. Let it flood everything…

Because if you can do just one courageous act in your life, you can grab hold of that same energy and apply it to absolutely anything, anytime you need it, in any moment that it is necessary.

That energy lives inside you always. It is not a bolt from the blue. It is the electricity already within you.

You, my dear, are unstoppable.

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