Soul Whispers: Cookies

I was browsing online the other day, clicking from website to website. I was indulging in a little numbing out as, sometimes, I’m guilty of getting far too involved in the melodrama of my own mind.

Clicking on a celebrity gossip site, my favourite type of internet crap, a pop-up window came up. Something about cookies, about tracking my internet browsing history to offer me tailor made adverts. (Wow, internet. You spoil me!)

I had two options: No, Thanks or Accept and Move On

Accept and Move On.

Accept and Move On.

I’m starting to believe that life really isn’t all that complicated. We make it complicated, though. We imagine every eventuality, we worry about the things that really aren’t worth worrying about, and the easiest decisions become huge dramas that require a whole night of talking through with our friends…and, even then, we don’t have an answer.

What if it’s just as simple as this: say what you feel, do what you desire, and clearly state your needs.

The only reason we believe it’s hard is because – well – we believe it’s hard. How about we replace “hard” with something else?

It’s heartbreaking.
It challenges the status quo.
It contradicts what I believed about the world.
It contradicts what other people believe about me.
It exposes my vulnerabilities.
It will shatter my foundations
It will change my life.

Maybe, when we stop hiding behind “hard”, we will start to uncover the real reason why we have these wobbles in life. And, then, we have the choice – we can remain rooted, denying ourselves of what we need to say or do or change or deeply desire…

Or, we can Accept and Move On.

Accept that it will be challenging the status quo, that other people may not look at us the same, alter our world view, expose the vulnerabilities…and so on.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is this – lies will keep you rooted in one place, immovable. They will stop you from coming out of wherever you have found yourself because moving from that place means coming face to face with the truth. Lies need constant care and nurture and attention to maintain them. It’s a full time job. So, you must remain to ensure the house of cards will never fall. No, thanks – I’m fine right here.

The truth, however, moves. It is fluid. It flows, it expands, it evolves. Indeed, the truth will set you free. You will know no bounds, because wherever you go you will meet the truth face to face and you will be relieved – and, quite possibly, terrified – when you do because it’s more truth, more life, more expansion into the unknown. Truth doesn’t need care and nurture and attention – it just is. It is ready and waiting for discovery. When you accept the truth, you can accept and move on and onward and ever onward into new territories, new truths, new fights, new justice, new systems, ultimately for what is right for you and everyone else. It is not passive – move on is an action that demands “What will you do with this truth? How will you let it change you?”

When you are faced with the next “hard” part in life, you have your options:

No, Thanks;

Accept and Move On.

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