Episode 8: Tell Your Story

In this episode, we discuss the power of telling your story and connecting with others. We seem to think that other people’s experiences invalidate our own – another way comparison likes to creep up on us – but after this week’s episode, I hope that you feel much more confident in the power of your narrative, how you got here, what you went through, and how you can inspire others. As Ram Dass says, we’re all just walking each other home…

Listen through the player below or via Apple Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Spotify | Radio Public | Breaker | Google Podcasts. (If your preferred listening platform isn’t listed here, please drop me an email and I will rectify this for you. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode.)

Episode 13: Gut Feelings, Leaning Into Discomfort, & Breaking Your Comfort Zone She Uncensored

In this episode, I take a walk over some old ground. This stuff has come up for me again – about chasing my desires, and breaking out of my comfort zone – and I thought that if I needed a reminder, maybe someone else out there does, too.  I talk about comfort zones, identifying what my “gut feeling” sounds like, and prioritising the things that make me feel whole. Let’s not make our homes in the comfort zone – let’s keep pushing the boundaries of ourself and see where life leads.
  1. Episode 13: Gut Feelings, Leaning Into Discomfort, & Breaking Your Comfort Zone
  2. Episode 12: We all know about toxic positivity, but what about toxic gratitude?
  3. Episode 11: FOMO, the art of not comparing your life to everyone else’s, & other things I learnt in my 20s…
  4. Episode 10: Gender Expectations, Lockdown Learnings, Living with Intention, & What Happens Next…
  5. Episode 9: Learning to Love Yourself, Honouring Your Desires, & Why Self-Love is Integral for a Life Well Lived

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