The Book That Made Me…Start a Podcast: Everything Is Figureoutable by Maria Forleo

If you are ready to step up in any aspect of your life, this is the book that will help you take the leap. This book will crack you open gently, dig out the goodness, help you overcome the internal barriers that are holding you back, and prepare you to launch yourself into a new phase of being. Listen – only read this book if you are really willing to make changes otherwise it’s simply not going to hit the nerve with you.

Maria draws upon her own experience and wisdom, as well as stories of other women, who’ve figured it out. At first, I thought ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ would be about finding success in any venture in life and, on the one hand, it is. Ultimately, it’s about finding your success in life and chasing the things that are deep within your heart to do. Those little soul niggles, those little whispers deep within, that we like to ignore but make us feel very uncomfortable doing so. My concern with books of this genre is that it’s going to be full of overly optimistic and fluffy language (of which, I can handle and somewhat enjoy) but, refreshingly, it’s just pure honesty from the heart with a bunch of tried and tested methods for success.

I usually don’t do the activities in most books. I skip past them because, well, I’m lazy and I just like highlighting the really good bits without doing the work. Also, most of them are crap and half-arsed attempts to bring some dimension to a chapter. However, I felt compelled to do the ‘Insight into Action’ challenges because they were really fucking good. Like I said at the start, you have to be ready to make the changes and, believe me, I was ready to make changes because I was sick of me holding myself back.

This sort of book isn’t just to absorb for some good advice and it definitely won’t do the work for you. It’s what makes these pages so impactful in that it forces you to assess the reality of what is stopping you applying for that job, starting that hobby, changing your career, ending that relationship, starting that new thing…Whatever it is that you are wanting to do and need the little extra push to do it.

I had wanted to start a podcast for around two years, along with a few other things that I really wanted to get stuck into. I was also full of excuses as well as desire. My main fear? Being seen. Ugh – even now I shudder. I hate being seen. I hate being centre stage. I hate people having the ability to openly criticise me. Essentially, I hate the feeling of being vulnerable and I would rather remain in the dark with the shame of being who I am that step out into the open and just try…

…And yet everything I want to try in life, deep down, is about me being seen. Being out there, entirely vulnerable, and doing the creative work.

When reading Maria’s words, I realised my excuses were bullshit and my fears were self-protective measures bringing more harm than good. Whilst lockdown has prohibited me from pursuing other things on my list of “Shit I’d Really Love To Do”, I’m four episodes into my podcast and I am loving every minute. No, I don’t command huge audiences. But I’m having fun and I’ve taken a huge personal risk, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and tried for something. I’ve put my ass on the line and I know, above all things, it contributes to my personal growth which is something that cannot be replaced.

I mean, honestly? You just really need to buy this book.

What have you denied yourself the pleasure of exploring or expressing because you don’t want to be judged or criticised? What are you still doing, even though you can’t stand it, because you’re terrified to attempt your secret dreams? […] Please, for the love of all things holy, do what you dream of now so you’ll never regret not having tried.

Maria Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable, p. 248

Everything is Figureoutable can be purchased on Amazon

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