Heartfelt Longings

In a world full of go, we’ve been forced to slow…

To some of us, this is going to feel incredibly uncomfortable and, for the past week or so, I’ve been feeling the discomfort bubbling up within me. I feel it in my stomach and the voice has been growing louder and louder…

My desires.

And these are not just fleeting wants – these are the heartfelt longings of my soul that have been buried under months of moving, going, doing. If anything, I’ve realised just how good I’ve become at keeping myself busy, trying to be productive, aiming to accomplish things that will be my defence when my soul says “…but, darling, you could’ve done this.”

I think we are all masters in denying ourselves what we truly want. During the times of silence and stillness, we feel that small voice inside of us challenging us to do the one thing that scares us. Usually, we can get away from it. We can busy ourselves by throwing ourselves into another task – whether it’s something as simple as decorating the house, or something bigger like signing up for another marathon. However, the little voice reminds us always of the thing that we want the most. The thing that will make us feel oh-so-fulfilled but will take a hell of a lot of courage, vulnerability, and often risking our pride to do it. The thing that is very far out of our comfort zone. It’s the very thing that will cause us to grow in new ways, will challenge us to scale new heights, and will force us to become acquainted with discomfort. The thing we want most, as they say, is on the other side of fear…

There is so much advice and so many instructions about what we should be doing during this pandemic. Working out, meditating, doing Yoga, renovating the house, learning a new skill, connecting with people online…

But, in amongst it all, don’t forget to connect with yourself. This is a wonderful time to explore what you want, what you need, what your true desires are, what success looks like for you, and so much more.

Sit with yourself.

Embrace the silence, wait for that discomfort to rise (it won’t take long), lean into it, and explore it. Therein, you will find your desire – buried under the busy, buried under the fear, under the doubt, under the lack of confidence, under the harsh words spoken, under all the shit that’s happened…

Your desires will direct you to what your Soul came here to do.

3 thoughts on “Heartfelt Longings

  1. Loved this! Isn’t it wonderful how even in a time of so many negative things going on, we find our desires making themselves heard? I find listening to them turns my experience of living week to week into a meaningful one. Thank you for sharing that wisdom!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Daisy. Very true. We can’t run away from ourselves so maybe we should trying listening and seeing what’s in there, instead 😉


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