Just a Thought…

If you are in the habit of underestimating your power, think about what you speak.

Words are powerful things. What we say can inspire, or demotivate. We can cause wars, or make peace. We can soothe, or we can wound.

What you say is very powerful indeed. Consider all the famous speeches that still reverberate today…These words continue to inspire and bring hope. Sometimes we may forget who said it but we always remember what was said. Some of the most encouraging things I’ve heard, or read, that continue to sustain me on the most difficult days are by people I cannot even remember the name of. I’m sure you also have your own personal library of famous quotes that you can barely recall the author’s name.

With that being said, remember that how you talk about yourself is powerful, too. The words you speak over yourself can encourage you to go further, or can criticise you to the point of immobility. We are, indeed, our own worst critics.

You see, how you talk about yourself or others can inspire those around you to use the same language. Lately, there have been a few occasions where I’ve said something about someone I struggle with during the day – it could be an anonymous driver I pass on the road who didn’t use their indicators (*sigh*), or someone closer to home. I started to notice that the language I used about these people and what I chose to say about them invited other people to use the same language.

“How annoying. What a fucking twat.”


“Ohh, she sounds really kind! What a legend.”

The only difference between these responses being what I chose to speak about the other person.

So, if that’s the power of influence that my words have, wouldn’t it be better to use them for good? To be the gateway of compassion, and patience, and kindness as opposed to the gateway of division, anger, and hate?

It’s the age old saying – if you haven’t got anything nice to say, shut the fuck up.
(Or, yaknow, something like that.)

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