A Note To Fear in 2020

I don’t even know what to title this post so I’m leaving it blank until the end (EDIT: Got there in the end. Ha!) I also have no idea where this post will go but I really need to put those writing muscles back on the proverbial treadmill so to speak and, well, here we are.

I’m kinda relieved you’re here so that the Instagram posts urging me to completely override my life and write a new chapter – nay, a new fucking book – will calm the fuck down a little. It was like a pressure cooker on that little app, amiright?

So, what’s the feeling for the New Year? How are we doing?

It’s January. It’s dark evenings. It’s raining (well, in Wales it is. Standard.) It’s getting back into the swing of things.

Perhaps that’s what makes January so difficult – we put the new year on a pedestal and, somewhere amidst the hope and the excitement, we fail to remember that we have the same jobs to go back to, the same routines to adhere to, and very much the same situations. And, therein lies the little post-it note from life reminding us that nothing changes overnight…

…However, there is something about January that is pregnant with possibility. Remember that.

So, here is my little brain dump for you…

I believe in you.

I believe in the resolutions you’ve made.

I honestly think you will make changes…

…Only if you remember one thing – that anything worth changing, the really important things that need changing, will take your effort, your time, and your patience. It’s not an overnight formula so ditch the microwave mentality this year, and please don’t get to the end of January forgetting everything that you set out to accomplish on 31st December 2019.

Change is a marathon, not a sprint.

Does the flower bloom overnight?

Does the tree grow in a day?

Does the acorn blossom into a mighty oak in weeks?

Of course not.

So, quit the pressure on yourself, my lovely.

If you really want to make a change this year, don’t spread yourself thin over too many hardcore resolutions and overwhelm your system. Life is short, yes – but it is also faithful in giving us plenty of time to alter things that require adjusting.

Life is gracious like that.

Focus on the one thing that you can change and that you want to change.

And I don’t mean the thing that you want to change in your head – the thing that you want to change in your heart. The gut feeling that you’ve always had. The urge to try that thing. The necessity you feel about a certain situation in your life. The gentle nudging you get when you commit to that habit again. The thing that lights up our soul when you do it…

Usually, that’s the big one that scares the shit out of us because we know, deep down in our bones, that changing that one thing, doing that one thing, committing to that one thing, will have massive ramifications elsewhere in our lives.

You know the resolution I’m talking about…

It’s the resolution that we mumble quietly to friends and family in case they actually hear us and we are held accountable…

It’s the one that we procrastinate because we know that it will take all of our power to commit to it…

It’s the one that we make and laugh at ourselves for reaching so high…

But, don’t you see?

That’s the resolution worth making.

Whether it’s losing weight or giving up smoking, or ditching that toxic relationship in your life, or finally getting your finances in order, or moving house, or going abroad, or signing up to an art class, or learning that skill you’ve always wanted to do, or even if it’s just simply saying yes to more life…

The resolution that intimidates you the most that is the one that you need to do because the fruit of that tree will be so rich, so satisfying, and it will keep serving you in all the seasons of life to come if you continue to nurture your victory.

That is the resolution that will, ultimately, not just change your life but change you.

Now, that’s a resolution worth making.

So, 2020. What’s it going to be?

(TLDR – Just fucking do the thing that scares you this year, ok? Thanks.)

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