Run the Road Before You

Before I start…I’m pissed off. My laptop isn’t working. There’s a woman across the way from me talking so loudly about her personal life she might as well let the Daily Mail know to get her story out quicker to the rest of the world because she wants everyone to know her life. Kudos to the kid sat across from her from being the best listener. ANYWAY. Let’s just say I’m not motivated to write this so I’ll try my best and forgive me if it’s a pile of wank but if I’ve spoken to the heart of one person, it’s a success. Here we go…

I was out running the other day. (FYI, Training for the second half marathon is going OK. It could be going better and I could also give up smoking to help the process but…this is me we’re talking about.) Anywho, I’m out running and I need to cross the road. Let me tell you – as I have told you countless times and if you had a pound for every time I said this, you’d be monetised for your reading of this blog threefold – running in a city isn’t always straight forward. There’s busy roads to navigate and try to get across without ending up in A&E. Not even Zebra crossings can help you as some drivers see them as optional stoppage. I was on one of these busy roads and the traffic is relentless. When one side of the road was clear, the other side would be busy, and vice versa. I was spending most of my time looking backwards, getting wound up, and slowing down my pace.

Then it became an internal rant about “fucking running” and “fucking traffic” and “bastard cars.” Look – I was hormonal and didn’t have time for this shit. The fact that I’d found the energy to get out of the house was a miracle without having to compete with cars on top. Until this point, I was actually enjoying myself.

But, that’s the thing, I’d become so consumed by crossing this damn road that I’d lost all enjoyment in running for a moment and I didn’t even need to cross the road yet. There was a zebra crossing up ahead but I wanted a head start to get on the right side of the road so I could basically get home quicker. Eventually, there crossing would come – and much sooner if I hadn’t slowed down by craning my neck around and mentally swearing at every nonchalant driver that went along – but I could’ve happily ambled along without getting mad about it.

Then I realised that’s just like me. I spend so much time trying to get ahead to where I need to be that I stop enjoying where I am. I’m all about the next step and getting there as quickly as possible…

Can you relate?

We become obsessed with preparing for eventualities. We are consumed by prematurely getting to where we need to be. Hey, don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be prepared but we need to stop being consumed by what yet hasn’t come to pass. Don’t forget where you are right now. Inject a little more mindfulness into the moment and soak it up. Enjoy the side of the road you’re on and trust that, if you’re going in the right direction, the path will open up before you that will take you to your next place in life.

Listen – when the time is right, the right path will open up before you. Your responsibility will be to simply walk it.

Recognise when that time is coming. Take the chance when it presents itself and you’ll find you get by with ease and won’t have to break your stride.

This is your life, your journey, and your choices. What’s right for you will come to you. Just keep on running in the right direction.

Anyway. The lady has stopped talking. My coffee is drunk. My cake is eaten. And I’m signing out.

Love and light, beautiful…

Always love and light. 🌟

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