Draw Your Boundaries

I see you, darling.

You have so much love to give.

You want to be a friend to the world, a friend to the friendless.

I see you fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.
I see a power rising up in you to pour out your love onto those who need it most.

You are so full of joy, even when you don’t feel it yourself.

But, listen – draw your boundaries.

Not everyone deserves your love.
Not everyone understands your love.

Draw your boundaries to protect yourself from those who would do you harm and who do not have your best interests.

Save the best of yourself for the people that matter; including you.

You make the rules.
You decide who gets in.
You decide who gets into the inner sanctum of your soul.

Draw your boundaries and your many circles of intimacy around yourself.
Define your levels of care, of intimacy, for some people must be kept at a distance from yourself in order to guard yourself from those who do not care for your heart the way that it ought to be cared for.

Draw your boundaries.

This is not selfish or hard-hearted. This is absolutely necessary for you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Shine your light and those that see it will come to you. Don’t dim your shine…
Draw your boundaries.

For I see you, darling.
You have so much love to give.

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