Your Time Is Now

Whatever you believe in, believe in it wholeheartedly despite others who may disagree.

Whoever you want to be, be it despite the judgements of others.

If you disagree with something, speak up and tell them why.

If you agree with something, celebrate and join with others.

Where you see injustice that pains you, let your agony lead the way to find justice.

Do not let anyone tell you what to do, or who to be, or what to wear, or how to act if it does not resonate with your truest self.

You are not here to fit into someone else’s ideal.

You are here to be unashamedly you, another expression of the unique expression of humanity, and to represent your soul through your words, body, and actions.

You are here to be unapologetically you so that you can lead others into being unapologetically them.

Take pride in who you are. You are incredible. Your soul is glorious. Your beauty is astounding. Your voice is worth hearing. Your actions create change and ripples wherever you go that alter the world forever.

Make it count. Make it all worthwhile. Leave your mark – the one that only you can leave.

Stand up for who you are and what you believe.

Standing up sometimes means standing alone. Stand anyway.

Standing alone opens you up to attack and causes a deep vulnerability. Stand anyway.

Standing for something you believe in exposes your heart’s desires and your soul’s yearnings. Stand anyway.

And there you stand – alone, baring your soul but clothed in courage. It’s OK to cry and shout and wonder why you do it…

Stand anyway and watch, slowly, as others rise to stand with you.

Do not back down.

If you do not speak, who will?
If you do not act, who will?

Rise up, my darling. Rise up. Your time is now.

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