“There’s No Post on Sundays…”

Well…this Sunday and next Sunday, anyway…

As you’re reading this, I’m probably just about to finish the Severn Bridge Half Marathon. Pray for me. From then, I’ll be off on holiday for a week so there will be no Sunday posts for the next two weeks! This is the first time this year I’ve had no weekly posts planned and, as you’ve probably noticed, my Mid-Week Musings on Wednesdays have been on a hiatus. Truth is, it’s harder than I realised consistently posting a few days a week. I’ve really been considering the direction I want this blog to go in and the kind of things I’d like to feature in addition to my usual Soul Speak Sundays…

I actually feel guilty for not planning posts in advance to this holiday! I never expected that but I really love blogging and being consistent is so important to me. However, there’s been a period of transition in my life for the past month and I’ve found myself swept up in it all. It’s all really good shit going on but, right now, I need to chill my mind and let this blog rest to allow for other priorities. It’s only two Sundays, granted, but in the online world that’s about a month, amiright?

Anyway…I wish you all well and for those of you who consistently come back week after week (I see you!)…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It brings so much encouragement to know that you feel welcome here and we are all resonating with what life teaches us.

Love and light,

Laura xx

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