Mid Week Musings

I don’t think I’ve done one of these in about two weeks. I’ve recently got a new job and, owing to the period of transition, I’ve not really been motivated to write a Mid Week Musing…But, I’m back today! So this is what I’ve been up to this week…

– Celebrating –

My birthday! I turned 28 over the weekend and was spoiled by my family. We had a spa day, lots of good food, and loads of laughter. I’m so ready to take on my 28th year and I’ve written down a bunch of goals and things to do whilst I experience the joys of being 28. I’m really excited about the prospects of this year so…Bring it on!

– Listening –

2018-08-14 08.24.13 2.jpg
If you’re a regular here, you already know by now my love for Rachel Brathen’s weekly podcast “From The Heart.” This week she was talking about balance and alignment; as I know from my own personal experience, balance is absolutely KEY for me to live a happy and fulfilled life. I’ve felt the effects of imbalance and, as a result, I’ve spent the last few years (particularly the last few months) learning about what it takes for me to achieve my own alignment. A lot of what she mentioned resonate deeply so, if you’re one to lose your alignment and balance in life frequently, I’d definitely recommend it. You are not alone!

– Reading –

2018-08-14 08.24.13 1.jpg
I had to put Game of Thrones down. A Feast For Crows is one of the more…drawn out?…books I’ve read of the series and I’m struggling to get through. As a buffer, I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s bestseller ‘The Power of Now.’ It’s amazing in places but, in other places, it creates a sense of discomfort in me. In fact, I’m writing this blog post as an avoidance to read anymore, to digest some of what he has said, and how to fit this in with my own daily living. It’s a heavy read and I’m paying attention to my own emotions as a I read it but…So far, so good!

– Visiting –

We visited Warwick Castle last week as a little day out. It was OK but I’d clearly forgotten how family/children focused it is. Despite the thousands of littlies running wild everywhere, it was a decent day out. Shame we got there late as we would’ve loved to have visited Warwick town but, I guess, that’s an adventure for another day.

One thought on “Mid Week Musings

  1. I read “The Power of Now” 5 years ago, at the beginning of my current journey, and loved it! 🙂 Definitely stop and take a break at the places where he recommends that you do so. I’ve found that I have to read spiritual/personal growth books in chunks, taking occasional breaks to digest it all.

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