Mid Week Musings 7

– Visiting –

2018-07-24 06.21.41 1.jpgWe visited the Botanical Gardens in Camarthen on Friday. It was such a beautiful day and I got the perfect picture of this little robin which you would’ve seen in last Sunday’s post. The gardens were lovely, and it was refreshing to be somewhere green and spacious. I always realise how much I need to regularly schedule the city detox when I visit places like this.

– Listening –

ParcastI had a few days off from work last week and busied myself with giving the house a thorough sort out (Monica Geller is my Spirit Animal) and needed something to listen to as I did. This podcast hooked me right in and I literally couldn’t tear my ear away from it! I really enjoy the Parcast Network’s podcasts and they have some really interesting shows. If you enjoy True Crime, conspiracy theories, or Mysteries, you’ll love it just as much as me.

I also listened to the latest Yoga Girl podcast and it was really lovely to listen to a group of women empowering each other and themselves. I think everyone can relate to having an Inner Critic. One thing that struck me, too, is that we all have an ‘inner best friend.’ I need to give that girl some more speaking time, personally, because my inner critic is far too loud.

– Contemplating –

I was flicking through Instagram yesterday and  I find a quote by Krishna Das which said “Underneath who we think we are is who we really are, and that is unconditional love.” It made me wonder what we would be like, and what life would be like, if we approached ourselves in this way. Instead of listening to our ‘Inner Critic’ (see Yoga Girl Podcast above!) and assuming that we’re trash, we’re unlovable, we’re this or we’re that, we were able to accept that we are lovely. And, as a result, everyone around us is also lovely. Yeah…just think about that.

Also, some other things I pondered on this week were the following statements:

– Don’t try to solve everyone’s problems;
– Don’t create fake problems to distract you from solving your real problems;
– Don’t try to ‘win’ every conversation you have

The jury is out and I’m guilty of those. Sorting through your inner shit makes for uncomfortable truths, amirightorrr?


Until Sunday…

Love, always!


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