Tuning Out…

There’s so much noise in the world to distract us…and I mean this both literally and metaphorically. You’ve got the traffic, the crowds, and the chaos of the external world but, then, you’ve also got the noise of opinions, social media, other people’s expectations, and comments from those around you. With so much going on, it’s so easy to get pushed and pulled in all different directions. We can find ourselves mulling over thoughts that are not truly our own because of throwaway comments said over breakfast, an opinion shared on social media, or the general consensus of our generation’s opinion on how to best live your life.

All this noise can cause a temporary block in hearing our own heart’s desires.

As I was walking to work the other day, the cars were whizzing past and it ruined the beautiful morning. However, above the noise of the people shouting to each other in the street and engines roaring by, there was a quiet symphony of birdsong in the background. Living in the city means that little things like this can often get missed, or barely ever happen, so it was refreshing to hear. As I focussed on the birds singing, I found that all the other noise (that previously was, to be honest, getting on my fucking nerves) just faded into the background…

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last few years is simply this: what you pay attention to, you get more of. It’s something that was said in a parenting class I helped run, the premise being that if you focus on a child’s bad behaviour, you’ll get more of it. However, if you start paying more attention to their good behaviour, that’s what will flourish in them and they will start responding with more positive behaviour in return. This same thing can be applied to anything in life – if you focus on finding the negative in anything, you’ll find it. But, if you choose to look for the silver linings, you’ll be able to have more positivity flourish in your life. It’s a simple case of tuning into the good in order to fade out the negative.

In the same way with the birds, you can choose what you tune into in life. You can choose your thoughts, your outlook, and your approach to difficulties.* For example, if you feel that looking at Instagram isn’t beneficial for your body confidence or outlook on reality at the moment then stop following the accounts that make you feel like shit. It’s called a ‘feed’, remember? You wouldn’t feed yourself shit food and hope to fuel your body well so, likewise, don’t feed your brain stuff that makes you feel crappy and hope to have a positive outlook. Tune out of that, and choose to tune into accounts that make you feel good when you browse.

2018-07-19 06.40.11 1.jpg

Take back control of your life. Watch TV that makes you feel good, and listen to music that brings a smile to your face. Surround yourself with people who are going to cheer you on and lift you up. Tune into all the good shit and the noise that winds you up the wrong way will fade away into the background.

You might think that I’m spouting things that cause you to avoid challenges but it’s not. Look, life isn’t all roses and some situations that happen are just absolutely shite. But, we can make life a little easier for ourselves wherever possible because this journey is hard enough as it is sometimes without all this unecessary baggage drowning out the noise of all the good things that we could be hearing. We have a habit of making life more complicated that it is when, really, we just need to “go where peace is.” (Thanks, Rachel Brathen!)

Choose to tune into the things that make you feel good, that bring you joy, contentment, and peace. Choose to tune into the positive emotions that are available for you to feel during the day and practice focusing on that everyday.

Be grateful for the coffee in the morning, and your annoyance at the rude barista will fade away. Be grateful for the car you drive, and feel the tension caused by the traffic you face melt into the background. Be grateful for the house you have to clean, and your ire at having a house so dirty will fizzle out.

You’ve got the choice. You have control. Once you realise that, everything else will come a little easier.

2018-07-19 06.40.10 2.jpg

*FYI, I wouldn’t condone this as a universal application for all circumstances we face. ‘You can choose happiness!’ is often touted nowadays and, frankly, I think that’s bullshit because some situations you can’t choose to be happy and some individuals don’t have the option to choose happiness because of mental health difficulties.

5 thoughts on “Tuning Out…

  1. Yes, yes, and yes! My lesson over the past year has been that I have choices. Facebook was upsetting me, rather than making me happy, so I deleted my account. My “bootcamp” was a situation I went through 7 months ago, for 7 months. Without going into detail, I was being physically and sexually assaulted. Yet I learned to focus on the friends who supported me, the small victories, my daughter’s smile, the sunshine, the butterflies…all of that! And rather than leading me to go into denial about my situation, it gave me the mindspace to find a way out of my situation. There are always positives, no matter what else is going on.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s lovely to hear that you survived that ordeal and no doubt grew stronger, learnt valuable lessons, and sought out the simple things in life that brought you joy. It’s so touching to hear! And I agree with Facebook…it was bringing me down, also, so I’ve deactivated my account for the time being. Amazing what it does for your mood and mind, right?! X

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      1. It’s funny, because people have asked me if I miss Facebook, and I really don’t at all. I was addicted when I had the account, but it really did very little to enrich my life. How long have you had yours deactivated?


      2. It’s easy to just keep scrolling through it and waste so much time on it. I used to go through phases of deactivating it in the past…usually would only last a week or so if I was feeling bad already. Recently, though, I think it’s been about three months. I don’t miss it at all. What about you?


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