Mid Week Musings 6

– Visiting –

Ross-on-Wye. Such a cute little town with plenty of charity shops to get lost in. We picked up an amazing vintage side table (for a mere £4!) to match our bookcase and it fits so perfectly. I also found an amazing vintage 1950s purse which I spotted on the way out of one of the charity shops. The style usually retails for about £20+ on Etsy but I picked it up for £6.50! Bargain!

– Listening –

This podcast. I’m not a regular listener to this podcast but I kinda dip in and out if something catches my eye. Of course this one did and it is so. fucking. good. One of the main messages that stuck with me was learning to manage your mind, filter your thoughts, and learn to love yourself. This should give you more energy to complete the things you want to do and, ultimately, more energy to give back to the people you love.

– Thinking –


Following on from last week’s post, I’ve made some headway into future plans and considered my options. I’ve been mulling over returning to University for a while so I’m currently processing how this would be viable over the next few years. Watch this space…

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