Mid Week Musings

– Feeling –

IMG_20180709_200948_467.jpgThis week has been a tough one. On Saturday, our beloved cat, Bella, passed away following three long months of vet appointments, various medications, and just hoping that she would get better. She had a few weeks where she seemed to perk up but, after that, it was a rapid downhill decline. I don’t think I stopped crying on Saturday (and just thinking about it now makes me well up all over again…) but it was the right decision to make after many months of discomfort and illness for her.

Animals aren’t just pets; they quickly become our family and, without Bella, the house seems a little emptier. For those of you fortunate to have pets, cherish every moment with them and pour every single bit of love you can on them!

– Thinking –

Ooe.gifOtherwise, this week has been another quiet one owing to the above. Naturally, I’ve been more withdrawn than usual which has lead me to some internal dialogue with myself, what I want out of life, who I can surround myself with, and just appreciation for the life I have now. It’s always good to make plans to move your life forward, have goals to work toward, and have things you want to achieve. But I feel like, over the last few years, I’ve neglected to do that. Sure, I’ve made some short term goals and filled my time trying to work toward them but, to be honest, it’s just been a case of living day-to-day and not really going in any direction. I know what I want to feel in life, of course; I want to feel liberated, excited, and fulfilled, to name a few, but I don’t quite know what to change to access this. (Perhaps changing my mind-set might be a good start, eh?)
Sometimes, in amongst the daily grind, we can lose sight of our aspirations or we leave our dreams in a box under the bed because we think they’re too far out of our reach. Don’t read me wrong – I’m not unhappy with my life at all – I am incredibly grateful…but I feel as though I am at a point where I need to head back to the drawing board, find out what I want now as a (nearly) 28 year old woman, and see what needs to change within and without…
…So, basically, I’m just getting older.


– Loving –


Meghan and her relationship with Givenchy. Meghan has such a je ne sais quois about her, no? It’s a similar kind of presence to Audrey Hepburn and, following true Audrey style, she has turned to Givenchy a few more times since her wedding dress being designed by Claire Waight Keller. I’m not usually a fan of Bardot necklines but I am so on board (no pun intended) with the Boat Neck/Bateau neckline. It sits a little nicer on the shoulders, shows off the collarbones and neck perfectly, and I think it has such an elegance about it. Parfait.

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