Mid Week Musings

— Reading —


Game of Thrones: Storn of Swords, Part 2. I’m am so into this right now. I devoured the other one (despite dropping it in the bath and completely fucking up the book) and just had to start this one. I love how George R R Martin has created such distinguished characters; each character’s chapter really delves into a different way of speaking, thinking, acting, and viewing the world. Just another measurement of his talent, no? The only person who really irritates me and I struggle to get through is Catelyn. She’s such a whinger! She makes Sansa bearable…

Also, this blog post was such an insightful read and really gave me a new perspective on self-love and indulging in the good things with a different mindset. Like most women, my relationship with food is something of a complex, ever-changing thing so to read something like that was so liberating!


— Listening —


When you find someone with wisdom that resonates with you deeply, seek their advice and guidance. Since I found the Krishna Das podcasts on Spotify, I’ve been slowly making my way through them. This one is just lovely and perfect for a chilled evening’s listening with some gentle truths scattered throughout.


— Watching —

Oceans 8

I love most Sandra Bullock films so I was eager to watch this one. I wasn’t disappointed – she was flawless, as always (#HairAndMakeUpGoals.) The film was fantastic with such a great bunch of characters. I did think one part of it was a little far fetched in the same way as 007’s invisible car in Die Another Day…But, not getting too hung up on this, I thought it was excellent.


— Exploring —

2018-06-30 09.15.45 2.jpg

Abergavenny; a little town in South Wales which is quaint, cute, full of charity shops to rummage through, and great for a day out. We had such a good weekend – hence why Sunday’s post was a little later than usual. It felt like a Staycation and was exactly what we were hoping for. I picked up loads of new skincare products and also found two new items for my wardrobe. There will be a full (photo heavy) post coming about our day so stay tuned! All in all, a perfect weekend spent with the other half.


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