Mid Week Musings

– Reading –

This article – following the awful border separations, this article resonated with me so much, summing up the very real fears and trauma that will undoubtedly affect these children for the rest of their lives.


– Running –



Half Marathons. Holy. Shit. You guys. This was the hardest one I have ever run. It was boiling hot and, as we ran along the beach front, there was so little shade. We were exposed. We were sweating buckets. The people who lived along the seafront were in their gardens with hose pipes for the runners to get showered by because we were so fucking sweltering. I have no idea how I got through the entire thing but…I did. I also cried at the end. The next one I will definitely be doing more training because unprepared didn’t really cover how I was feeling on the day.


And that’s literally it for this week! It’s been very quiet this past week and I’ve been working on other blog posts for you guys which have taken predominance. Sorry for the lame ass post but maybe next week I’ll have more to write home about…

Love, always…

Laura xo



2 thoughts on “Mid Week Musings

  1. You may have felt unprepared, but I tip my hat to you for even trying to run a half marathon. Except that I don’t wear hats, because my head is too beautiful.

    Seriously though, power to you for finishing that race!

    And the border crossings…The karma hole that our (white Americans’) ancestors began digging centuries ago keeps getting deeper. One day it will swallow us all, unless we make major changes to the ways we conduct ourselves – and which leaders we support.

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