Mid-Week Musings

This week has been a bit of a strange one; I’ve been sitting with this lump of discomfort in my stomach for about a week now (it’s Monday when I start writing this) and it’s just been stuck there. I know what brought it on and there’ll probably be something to share from it once I’ve figured it out. Nevertheless, I’m looking back on the week with a grateful heart because that’s always the greatest catalyst for inner peace…

– Eating –

2018-06-19 09.05.53 1.jpg

My husband booked us in for Sushi as I’ve never had it before. Technically, my husband shouldn’t even like Sushi himself because he’s the fussiest eater I’ve ever known in my life! However, he has a taste for it so took me along to our local Sushi place for the first time. As I eat a largely plant-based diet, it was the Vegan option for me which consisted of Avocado and Cucumber wrapped in sticky rice. (OMG. Sticky rice though – the kind of consistency that would make the perfect comfort food.) I loved it! I’ve already nagged him to go back there so there will definitely be another Sushi date soon. (Although I tried the smallest amount of Wasabi on my chopstick and it nearly blew my fucking face off…)

– Watching –


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I’m late to the party with this one (standard) but it was OK…It was kinda re-hashed from the first Jurassic World, though, right? Except there was one scene that got me right in the feels. The lump was in my throat, I’m not even kidding. CGI never been so emotional.

Eat, Pray, Love. One of my favourite films (I love Julia Roberts) and I always go back and watch it every few months. I adored the book, with Elizabeth Gilbert being the ideal balance of down-to-earth persona, common sense advice, no bullshit bluntness, and plain old wisdom. The film did the book perfect justice in bringing all the wonderful locations to life; it also makes me want to visit Bali and eat a shit ton of Pasta every time I watch it.

– Listening –

Pilgrim Heart Podcast, Episode 48, Practice, Practice, Practice – In fact, any podcast by Krishna Das. I’ve loved listening to him this week and he comes out with some real nuggets of truth that are completely liberating. It’s such a positive way to start the day. He also has that David Attenborough-esque voice thing going on and that’s also relaxing. This particular episode just watered my soul and…ugh…just love it.

From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl – The podcast goes live on Fridays but I always save it for the start of the week and it’s my favourite way to start a Monday. Rachel’s podcasts are like sitting with an old friend and it is what it is – from the heart.

– Reading –


Game of Thrones After a brief hiatus (I read the first two back to back and, after that, Winter Coming gets a bit stale), I’ve dived back into it. I never watched the TV show until I bought my husband the box set one Christmas. He offered to watch it from the beginning with me which only lead me to question what the hell I had been doing with my life before GoT.

This blog post on Minimalism. I’ve become curious about the Minimalist lifestyle for a while, ever since I had a (second) big wardrobe clear-out this year. (FYI, best thing ever.) I can understand the benefit of it; especially when we live in a culture that’s about buying more than ever before.

That’s it for this week…See you Sunday!



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