Mid-Week Musings

– Family –

I had a beautiful day with family last weekend – we ventured to the countryside and hills, reached the top, drank in the views, had a picnic, and it was all washed down with some good old putting-the-world-to-rights conversation. I love days like that; simple but unforgettable.

– Friends –

2018-06-11 08.47.46 1.jpg

After a long chat about jobs and finding a career that connects to your passion, my friend recommended Ikigai. If you’re anything like me and you want a career that gives you an excitement about life, I’d definitely recommend reading up on it – be prepared to do some soul searching and asking yourself some hard questions, too! Click here to find out more…

 – Opinion –

I briefly caught wind of Germaine Greer’s comments on Beyoncé and female athletes. It’s a pretty tense subject and one that I’d rather not dive into here…but, my thoughts are: if we’re equating bare female flesh with sexualisation and eroticisation (and how it links to power), we need to consider how our perception as a society is wrong, as opposed to what she’s wearing being wrong. When you put it like that, it’s a really sad state of affairs and we have a long way to go to rectify our collective ideology.

 – Listening-

This Ted talk by Shauna Shapiro on Mindfulness. What you practice gets stronger – oh, dayuuum. I’ve been thinking about this since I heard it and it is laced with so much truth. Whether it’s positive or negative, what ever we do most often, we get better at it. It makes me feel that I need to be more conscious of what I say, think, and do on a day-to-day basis.

I was eagerly awaiting Lily Allen’s fourth album like a kid at Christmas. Unlike the reviews, I actually thought Sheezus wasn’t too bad. No Shame is laced with honesty and vulnerability – you already know I’m on board – layered over simple and catchy beats. I’m sold! My favourite tracks are Trigger Bang, Higher, What You Waiting For?, and Come On Then.

In a blast from the past, I’ve also been listening to Bombay Bicycle Club. I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose was always playing after a friend recommended it, way back when I was 19. I’ve been listening to it again (it’s almost 10 years old. Sign me up to a retirement home already…) and it’s the perfect Summer companion for those hot, nostalgic days. The track that’s on repeat? Always Like This

– Eating –

2018-06-11 11.05.20 1.jpg

This recipe, for Gluten and Dairy free Jammie Dodgers, from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen. Myself and my husband made these on Sunday evening – so quick and easy to make. They went very well with a cup of tea and, as you can imagine, they didn’t last very long…


Until Sunday…



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