Mid-Week Musings

I thought I’d try something different as I’ve caught the blogging bug and Sundays just aren’t enough to satisfy it anymore. So, here we are, a mid-week round up of things I’m loving, learning, reading, eating, and generally doing with my life the past week.



  • I had a chilled weekend spent with friends and family, eating good food, enjoying honest conversation, and just general catching up. We also visited Castell Coch which, admittedly, I didn’t think was as historically rich as other Castle’s within Wales (summarized to my husband as a ‘crap castle’) but it was still lovely to see it in the sunshine. Also, you know me, any chance to get out of the city and into the countryside…

2018-06-05 12.11.04 1.jpg

Eating and Drinking

  • I’ve become obsessed with Lemon Green Tea, again. It’s my main drink of choice lately, aside from Coffee. As I’m so bad at drinking water every day, without forcing myself to, it’s a good way of keeping hydrated (I think?)
  • This Vegan recipe for Carrot and Lentil soup. OH. MY. GOD. Get in my belly. Now. I could easily eat the entire four servings of this. It’s perfect for the summer when a big, hot meal just isn’t ideal but you still want the comfort of warm food.

2018-06-05 12.16.28 1.jpg



  • OK, so I am addicted to clothes. Some people collect stamps (is that still a thing?) or they enjoy some kind of other hobby. Me? I collect(ed) clothes. I was so fucking bad for it. It was becoming a huge problem – mainly for my bank account. So, deciding that my habit was getting out of hand, I attacked my clothing collection a month or so ago (again!), followed some minimalist tips on building a capsule wardrobe, and shipped things that I didn’t wear to the charity shops. Since then, I’ve been loving my wardrobe because it’s full of items I can pair together easily and things I know I love wearing. I’m trying to be more mindful with my spending, and I largely buy my clothes at charity shops anyway, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped myself indulging now and again. (And when I say indulging, I might allow myself to buy one or two pieces from a charity shop but only if I reallyyyy love them.) I’ve seen a few polka dot pieces floating around the fashion blogosphere lately and I was thrilled to find a beautiful piece in my local charity shop. It fits perfectly, the print is amazing, and I love it. Not bad for a fiver!

2018-06-05 12.11.01 2.jpg



  • The sunshine! It’s been largely blue skies for the past few weeks in the UK and it’s an absolute treat. More, please.

2018-06-05 12.11.05 1.jpg


Until Sunday, enjoy the rest of your week!

Laura x

5 thoughts on “Mid-Week Musings

  1. If you got a really big fan, might you be able to blow all the clouds away and have blue skies for longer? You should get Donald Trump to build it; no one builds better fans than him, believe me. He’ll even get France to pay for it!



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