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This was birthed to me in a moment of pain.
This isn’t coming from a place of joy or peace…but I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever truth you may find in your sadness, it is still your truth and deserves to be shared.

Sometimes, the world isn’t just.
Things don’t come full circle and the ends don’t always get tied.
The happy ending doesn’t happen.
Your truth is rebuked.
You do the right thing and you still get punished.
Shit happens.
Let’s be real; the world sucks sometimes and there’s simply nothing that can be done about it. We feel the agony that comes from the harsh realisation that the world doesn’t owe us anything, even after we have sown so many seeds of goodness.

Here I am, in the midst of a hurting heart, that there is freedom in that…

Freedom from expectation.
Freedom from anticipation.
Freedom from the feeling that time may be running out.
Freedom from the worry that things won’t turn out as you planned.

But, please – do not let this knowledge make you hard.
Please – remain soft, remain hopeful…but, when the roses don’t bloom in your well-watered garden, keep your head high and move on.
Grieve, but don’t stay there.
Mourn, but don’t remain.
Let there be a time for tears, sadness, screaming into your pillow…
But let that time pass.

Let this suffering make the happy endings all the more sweeter for having known sadness at all.

Keep your chin up, your walk confident, your heart strong, and your soul alight.


Keep doing the right thing and keeping loving others as much as you possibly can…simply because, by doing so, you make the world a more beautiful place to be.

And, sometimes, that’s all you can do.

In remaining soft in a hard world…this is what makes you brave, and strong, and forgiving, and compassionate, and empathic, and loving, and a fucking warrior of life.

It is in the difficult times that we truly learn our abilities to do this for it is so easy when all is well with your soul to reflect outwards what you feel inwards. If we can, in the midst of our unhappy endings, still show love and honour to those around us, this is what makes us powerful. This allows us to be the light in darkness. This allows us to be love in hate. This is the kind of attitude that changes the fucking world.

Diamonds are made under pressure, under layers of dirt.

Stars are born in turbulence and phenomenal heat.

Let the unhappy endings happen, feel your sorrow, be refined by pain – if you allow yourself to feel it then, surely, you will become more precious than those.


“What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness?”

~ John Steinbeck

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