Seek the Opportunities

What if you took every annoyance as an opportunity?

What if the very thing that irked you the most was interpreted as a soul cry to work on your character?

What if those irritations were nudges from your heart, identifying areas of yourself you did not know exited until they were roused by a particular situation?

What if what happens today was working in your favour to create a better future for you tomorrow?

What if that annoying grain of sand in your side is waiting to become a pearl of great value?

Living in the city has been a test for me. I wasn’t created to thrive in a metropolis; give me greenery, open space, and a cool breeze whispering through the trees and my soul is content…

…Replace that with a concrete skyline, urban background noise of chaos, and halogen lights, and my nerve endings recoil. I really, truly, struggle – and my struggle is fucking ugly.

I swear; I shout; nearly everyone is a cunt. I’m defensive, bitter, and have very little patience with anyone and everyone. I judge people’s entire personalities based on fleeting actions – I believe that this is enough for me to figure out that they are, indeed, a fucking asshole through and through. I allow my anger to control me. The worst part? In allowing my ego to run away with the better parts of me, I don’t feel free.

As I was running the other day (oh god, here she goes again, another running story…), dodging people, and getting pissed off (again) with how busy my local area was, I quieted my mind for a moment – enough for my soul to shout through the noise of my angered mind – and I saw how impatient I had allowed myself to become…

But what if I stopped seeing these moments as an inconvenience and started seeing them as opportunities? Opportunities that inevitably allow me to strengthen those areas of myself that are clearly (so fucking) weak.

Just like an athlete will train certain parts of their body to strengthen the muscle, so the same goes for who we are. It takes time, dedication, and consistency. It is hard, and requires sacrifice, but the results will speak for themselves; a better mindset, improved emotional wellbeing, and a more peaceful world to live in. Our character – who we truly are at our very core – is just as important as our physical bodies.

What would happen to our emotional wellbeing if we were able to change our perspective on those moments which drove us crazy with irritation and saw them as personal challenges to just do the right thing…the better thing…for us and those around us?

What if we viewed them as opportunities instead of general bullshit life throws at us to cut us down?

What if life isn’t actually a bitch and is actually on our side, wanting us to become the best version of ourselves, and isn’t intent on cutting us down?

What if life was putting these things in our path so we may be strong on our own; so, in times of crisis, we may be able to look within and find the answer we need instead of depending on external things to temporarily hold us?

It’s a lot of questions because I genuinely cannot answer them for you. I can’t even answer them for myself because I don’t fucking know – I’m still at the stage where I choose to get annoyed instead of actually looking at things with a better perspective.

I guess it’s only by doing that we can find out what life looks like on the other side and…well…there’s no harm in trying, is there?



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