Be grateful for the piles of washing up – it shows that you had food to eat from crockery you own.

Be grateful for the traffic – it means you have a car to travel to a job which provides you with an income each month.

Be grateful for the mess – it shows you have a family living under your roof and a house that is never empty.

Be grateful for the unexpected visitors – they remember you and remind you that you are not alone in this world.

Be grateful for taking out the rubbish – it means you have someone who collects it regularly to take it from your home.

Be grateful for the bills – it shows you have heating, electricity, and a roof over your head.

Be grateful for the queues – it means you are able to purchase gifts for people using the money that you’ve earned.

Be grateful for the pouring rain on your morning run – you have the ability to exercise whenever you want, however you want.


Be grateful – it shows that you have changed your perspective.

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