I was in the midst of a moment of self doubt when this blog started. Sat in the office being bombarded internally by thoughts of “I can’t fucking do this anymore” whilst, on the outside, my fingers carried on tip-tap-tapping on the office keyboard. (I swear to God my Twenties have been a navigation of confidence and gain, to loss and low self-esteem.)

Anywho, I did what any other Twenty-Something woman would have done in my position; text my BFFL and had an almighty whinge. She responded with some good old confidence boosting, reminding me of what I was capable of, and basically confirmed why she is my BFFL in the first place.

One thing she said was “I always imagined you blogging. About life. About feminism. About…being a girl.” Truth is, I’m fond of blogging. I always have been an avid blog reader. Heck, it was through reading blogs that I made the decision to become Vegan (Hipster prick, I know.) I adore Samantha Maria, Gabbie Lindley, Paige Joanna, Life in Red Lipstick, BodyPosiPanda…

I used to blog, in a very different life (I might even tell you about that eventually), but then I stopped. Mainly because I moved out of parent’s house and could no longer afford the internet (GASP!)
And I missed it (the internet and blogging. Those were dark days.)
That little piece of internet space I called my own where I could just blog about life and…stuff. Which is ironic really because I’m an insanely private person; it’s actually pushing me way out of my comfort zone when it comes to blogging as it actually means revealing myself in a way that does not come naturally to me.

In sum, thanks to my BFFL re-igniting that passion within me, I thought I’d give it a go again. I’m not in it for followers or fame, just the ability to write freely about shit that interests me, makes me laugh, cry, angry, or just leaves me breathless. It might be a recipe, to an outfit, or something a little closer to my heart.
Mainly, it’s just life as a Twenty-Something year old woman…which is pretty crazy-random anyway so there’s no chance that this blog will be any different.

I’m Laura and it’s really nice to meet you.


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